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Why Does Not The Cutter of Roller Shutter Door Forming Machine Cut

Nov,03,2023 << Return list

1. Lack of sharpness

The cutting ofshutter roll forming machine requires a sharp cutting blade. If you find that the machine cannot cut,the problem may be that the blade has lost its sharpness.You can remove the blade,check whether the incision and cutting line are smooth. If necessary, replace the blade in time.

2.Wear of shear blade

If you use the machine for a period of time and find that the machine cannot cut, even after removing the sharp cutting blade to check, you still find the problem. Then it is likely that the blade is worn. At this time, you need to replace the blade to ensure the normal operation of the machine.

3.The angle of cutting is not correct

The cutting angle of rolling shutter slat forming machine will also affect the cutting effect of the machine. If the cutting angle is not correct, the machine cannot cut the steel. At this point, please manually adjust the cutting angle of the blade, or check whether the screw of the machine is too tight or too loose to ensure that the cutting angle is correct.

4. Improper pressure regulation

If you find that the machine cannot cut, but the machine is operating normally.What the problem is improper pressure regulation. You can check that the pressure regulator is set correctly, and increase or decrease the pressure appropriately according to the hardness of the material to improve the shearing effect of the machine.

The above content is the reason why shutter door rolling making machine can not cut the steel and the solution. If the machine has not been able to cut normally, please contact the after-sales service personnel in time.

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