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How to Input The Parameters of Floor Deck Roll Forming Machine

Nov,02,2023 << Return list

There are many parameters of floor decking making machine to be set, with text screen or touching screen. There are two kinds of setting parameter ,including equipment parameters and user parameters setting .

Equipment parameters include single pulse length, overshoot, forming distance, forming time, cutting time and so on. User parameters include number of sheets, length, the first section, the last section, pitch, number of sections, pre-compression section, etc. 

The user must first set the length value and the number of plans, and then through the [Select] key, select the run option, and then press the [OK] key, you can achieve automatic operation. When the completion number is less than the plan number to start the operation of the metal deck roll making machine.The system has been running until the two are equal. When the completion number is greater than or equal to the plan number to start the operation, the system will stop automatically after rolling and cutting one steel broad.

If starting the operation, the machine does not run, the screen shows the upper arrow, which indicates that the cutting tool is less than the upper limit.Please open the oil pump, the cutting tool will automatically uplink in place, the machine begins to run.

In the automatic operation, if you need to temporarily stop, you can press the [OK] key. At this time, the system pauses and remembers the length that has been rolled out. If it runs again, you can press the [OK] key again. If you press the "Reset" key during operation, the length of the rolled board will not be remembered, and it needs to be set in "Progress".

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