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our cooperative brand

On the occasion of the 6th China International Import Expo in 2023, our company successfully signed an intelligent manufacturing contract with Siemens.Siemens (China) Co., Ltd. is the world's leading supplier of advanced industrial automation and drive products, leading the world's electrical automation and drive technology development trend.

Based on Siemens automation and digital products and services, the two sides will cooperate in programming and equipment performance optimization to accelerate the digital transformation of cold roll forming machinesand inject new impetus into the transformation and upgrading of the traditional machinery manufacturing industry.

Since then, relying on the product quality of us,automation and drive products of Siemens can further improve the data function of us, which will provide a strong guarantee for us to open up a larger international market. The two sideswill combine the advantages of their respective fields to cooperate in the field of control automation and promote product development and supply.

our cooperative brand

In addition to Siemens,our PLC systems also use many brands of parts.The touch screen is Delta.The control button is Schneider.The counter adopts Omron counter.The advantage of using internationally famous brand parts is that if the machine purchased by the customer is damaged during use, it is convenient to repair.